My account has been closed. What's going on?

Skrill reserves the right to close your account at any time, with or without notice, due to the following reasons:

  • if your personal details cannot be verified;
  • if we have valid grounds to terminate your membership.

As a regulated financial institution, we are required to verify your personal details. If this is not possible due to incorrect information provided by you, or if you refuse to complete our verification process, your account may be closed with or without prior notice.

In some cases, your account may be reactivated upon successful verification. Any information about such a decision will be sent to your primary registered email address, unless otherwise specified. 

Termination of Skrill membership

If we have valid grounds to believe you have breached our Terms & Conditions, we may terminate your membership without prior notice. Such a decision is final and therefore, your account would be permanently closed. 

It's important to read our Terms & Conditions at the time of your registration and keep track when we send email updates about any changes in them. If you're uncertain about some of the provisions, simply contact us via one of the available channels below and we'll be sure to help you.