How can I transfer funds to Bet365?

You can easily transfer funds to Bet365 or another merchant site by following the instructions here.

I can’t transfer funds to Bet365. Why?

If you are unable to transfer funds from Skrill to Bet365, please make sure the personal information in your Skrill account matches the one with the merchant.

Also, we advise you to use your digital wallet and Bet365 account from your home location and to avoid using any VPN, proxy or IP masking services.

Why can’t I see Skrill as a payment method?

We recommend that you first deposit a random amount to your Bet365 account with a credit/debit card to be able to use Skrill for your future payments.

Note that Bet365 may still not accept payments via certain payment methods as per their own company policy. Please contact Bet365 directly for more details.