What is the Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® and how can I get one?

How does the Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®* work?

The Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® allows you to use the funds in your Skrill Account to make online purchases wherever Mastercard® is accepted. As it is a virtual card, it cannot be used offline or at ATMs.


How can I get the Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®?

If you have positive account balance, you will be able to apply for a Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® by following the steps below:

    1. Simply click on the Skrill Card option on the left-hand side of your Skrill Account.
    2. Within the Skrill Virtual Cards section, click on Get a Virtual Card.
    3. Fill out the form by selecting the
Card Currency – choose the currency that you do most of your shopping with to avoid foreign exchange fees; we recommend that you chose the currency of your account.

Once your Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is generated, you will notice the 16-digit card number appear on the screen, along with the Security Code (CVV) and the Expiry date. You can now use that Skrill Virtual generated card number at your favorite merchant. 


Am I able to withdraw cash at an ATM with my Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®?

No, ATM terminals require a plastic card to process a cash withdrawal. Cash withdrawals at an ATM are available using you Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®.


Can I use my Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® to book a hotel room, book a flight or rent a car?

We do not recommend that you use your Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® to book a hotel room, book a flight or rent a car as these merchants generally need a plastic card to verify. Since the Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® number is not the same number as that of a plastic card, they will not be able to confirm your booking.

Please use your Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® when performing these types of transactions- click here to learn more about the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®.



 *Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of selected countries. Please refer to your account to confirm availability.