How can I withdraw money from my Skrill account?

We offer several options to withdraw money from your Skrill account:

    •    Bank transfer withdrawal

    •    Visa withdrawal

    •    Mastercard® withdrawal

    •    Mobile wallet withdrawal

    •    Withdrawal to a crypto wallet

    •    Withdrawal to NETELLER

With Skrill you can also:

    •    Pay online

    •    Send money to another Skrill account 

    •    Get cash at ATMs and pay instantly with your Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®

    •    Make online purchases with your Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® 


To find out which of the options above are available in your country, visit our Fees Page.



    • Funds deposited with Mastercard can’t be withdrawn to NETELLER, to a Visa card, to a mobile wallet or to a crypto wallet; This also applies to money received from other Skrill customers – if they’ve used Mastercard to fund their account, and have sent you the money, the restrictions remain.

*Skrill card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.