I am having problems withdrawing funds to my bank account. What do I do?

Bank withdrawals can only be instructed to a bank account in your name.

Please make sure that you are entering the correct details when filling in your bank account information.

If you are unsure how to fill in the required fields, please contact your bank. Entering incorrect information may result in delayed or declined transactions, and/or unwanted charges.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please check whether:

    • You have submitted the details correctly;
    • There are no restrictions applied to your Skrill account;
    • Your limits are sufficient to execute this transaction;
    • There are no restrictions applied to your bank account.

If an attempted withdrawal fails, more information will be displayed in your account when you attempt your next withdrawal. Please follow any instructions given to resolve any issue(s) that might have occurred, and check that you have provided enough details so that we can instruct your withdrawal successfully.