How can I send money to mobile phone? (Skrill to Skrill)

Send Money instantly to friends and family members. The only thing you need is their phone number. The recipient’s phone number needs to be registered and verified!

Follow the simple steps below:
    1. Select Skrill to Skrill from the Send section of your Skrill account.
    2. Enter the recipient’s phone number or select a person from your Recent recipients’ list.
    3. Enter the amount. If the total amount, including the fee, is bigger than what you currently have as an available balance, you will get the option to pay with a card directly. Either select an already registered card or add a new one.
    4. Check the summary of the transaction and confirm it with your PIN.

That’s it! The money is already there!

If the recipient doesn’t have a Skrill account, he/ she will get an SMS/ push message to register within the next 14 days to receive the money. In the meantime, the payment will remain pending. Once the recipient registers a Skrill account, its status will become processed. If the recipient does not register an account, the transaction will be automatically canceled, and the money will return to your Skrill balance.


•    The phone number should be entered as follows:  

    Must start with country code (+44)

    Add country code with “+”, not “00” before the mobile number

    Spaces, if used, are auto-adjusted by the system

    Brackets, dashes are not accepted

•    Make sure that your internet connection is stable, that you are not using a proxy or VPN connection, and that the pop-ups on your browser are enabled.
•    The recipient’s account should be open and active.
Make sure you send funds to Skrill customers only if you know and trust them, as once a Send Money transaction is processed, it cannot be canceled or returned.

The phone number of the recipient is not registered/ verified. What should be done?

You have sent the money but your friend or relative didn’t receive it. That’s because their phone number is not yet registered or verified.

1.    Not registered

The recipient is notified via SMS that money has been sent to them. A link is included for them to claim the funds within 14 days. If they don’t yet have an account with us, they need to create one by simply following the steps. If they do have an account but it is registered with a different number, they will have to update the number, and then verify it via Settings >> Personal Details >> Verify/ Edit Phone Number.

2.    Not verified

You can verify your phone number either at registration or from Settings >> Personal Details >> Phone number. Click on the Verify link to initiate the verification process: A short 6 digits code will be sent to your mobile. You have to copy/paste or type in the received code within 15 minutes from the SMS request. If you haven’t received it, you can request up to 5 additional codes. 


What are the fees and the limits?

Your send limits and fees will be displayed during the transaction. 
For more information about our fees, visit our Fees page. Note that for transactions, involving currency conversion, an additional fee applies.

I cannot complete a Skrill to Skrill Send Money. Why?

There may be several reasons why you cannot complete such transactions.
•    The recipient’s account is temporarily disabled. Contact him/ her to confirm their account is in good standing or try the transaction a bit later with a different amount.
•    You might be entering a wrong phone number. Ensure the phone number is valid and correct.
•    You don’t have enough balance. If the amount you wish to transfer is bigger than your account balance, you can choose one of your registered credit/ debit cards to complete the payment.
•    Your account is temporarily restricted for outgoing payments. Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue.