What is Skrill Money Transfer Refer-a-Friend programme?

We are happy to introduce our new referral programme to reward customers who invite friends and family to transfer money abroad with Skrill Money Transfer.

When you refer a friend and they transfer money abroad with Skrill, we will give both you and your friend money off from your next transfers. The more people who transfer money, the less each transfer costs!


How do I get started with Skrill Money Transfer Refer-a-friend programme?

To get started with the Refer-a-Friend programme, you need to be from a Refer-a-friend participating country and complete the steps below:

  1. Have at least one successful Skrill Money Transfer transaction
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to the “Refer-a-Friend” tab to obtain your unique referral code.*
  4. Give your code to your friends, share it as a link on social media or send it by email. 
  5. Your friends should enter this code when they sign up for an account or apply the code before they confirm their first transfer, so we know you referred them. Alternatively, they can register by simply following your referral link.
  6. For you and your referred friend to receive transfer credit for your cross-border Skrill Money Transfers, your friend must complete a cross-border Skrill Money Transfer for the minimum transfer amount or equivalent in send currency. 



What reward will my friend and I receive from this programme?

Once your friend has signed up and sent abroad at least the minimum transfer amount, your friend will receive transfer credit off their first transfer and you will receive transfer credit to use with your future cross-border transfers.

You can find the list of participating countries, minimum transfer amounts and referral credit values here.


When will I receive my transfer credit?

You will receive your transfer credit once we receive confirmation that your friend’s money transfer is successfully credited to recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet.  We will let you know with an email once your earned transfer credit is applied to your Skrill account.


How much transfer credit can be used in a single transfer?

Earned transfer credit will be automatically added when you make an eligible transfer. There is a maximum amount of 50 GBP or send currency equivalent that can be used in a single transfer.

If you hold a higher transfer credit the rest amount will be applied to your next cross-border Skrill Money Transfer(s).


Can I keep track of the friends I referred and my transfer credit?

Yes, you can find an overview of your referral code, list of invited friends, current transfer credit and its expiry date in the “Refer-a-Friend” tab of your Skrill Money Transfer account.


Do transfer credits earned with ‘Refer a Friend’ expire?

Received transfer credits must be used within 3 months.

The friends you invited must make a cross-border Skrill Money Transfer within 3 months after applying your referral code or link for both of you to be eligible to receive transfer credits.


Can a friend apply my referral code or link if they signed up through Skrill mobile app?

Yes, your friend just needs to sing up with Skrill and enter your code on the confirmation step first time they do a money transfer on Skrill mobile app.



* Not all customers are eligible to refer their friends. If you do not see the Refer-a-friend tab, this means that the referral programme is not available to you.