What is Skrill Money Transfer and how do I use it?

With Skrill Money Transfer you can quickly, easily and securely send money abroad for free to your own or to third party mobile wallet or bank account in a variety of currencies. The service is available for both existing and non-existing customers all around the world.

To make things even more profitable for you, we give you the option to set up an alert for selected currency pairs that will be emailed to the provided address every morning. You can create new alerts or unsubscribe any time you like from your Skrill Money Transfer Rate Alerts page.

You can also get rewards using the service by joining the Skrill Money Transfer Refer-a-Friend programme!


How do I send money using Skrill Money Transfer?

You can initiate a Skrill Money Transfer by clicking on GET STARTED on the dedicated page* or on the International money transfer button within the SEND section of your Skrill account.

You can complete a Skrill Money Transfer in 4 simple and quick steps:

    1. Enter the send / receive amount, choose the send / receive currency** from the drop-down menu, select the payment method and click on CONTINUE.

    2. Confirm who are you sending money to*** – to yourself or to someone else, enter their details (recipient’s name, bank account or mobile number, depending on the money transfer’s delivery choice - bank account or mobile wallet) and click on CONTINUE.  

    3. Review the summary of your transaction on click on CONFIRM.

    4. Chose the payment method**** and complete the transaction.

Once you complete the transfer a summary of it will be sent to your registered email. A list of all your money transfers will be available under a section called My Transfers.

*If this is your first Skrill Money Transfer and you don’t have a Skrill account, you will be prompted to create one by clicking on Register. Simply add an email, password and your personal information (first and last name, date of birth and contact details) and a FREE Skrill account will be automatically created for you. The currency of the account will be the one you have chosen when initiating the transfer. You can edit it before finishing the registration.

**You can set the amount that will be received by tapping it on the They Receive field. The amount you need to pay will then update automatically. A real-time currency conversion rate will be displayed on the top of the payment request. This is the rate provided independently by Reuters. You can change your payment details at any time by clinking on Edit within the MY TRANSFER field.

***If you have previously made transfers, the recipients will be stored under the EXISTING RECIPIENTS section, thus you will not have to submit their details again.

****If you want to change the payment method you’ve previously selected, you can do so by clicking on Pay another way?. You can also choose to store your payment instrument so that you don’t have to submit your details for future transfers.    

What payment methods can I use?

Currently you can use your credit/debit card, Paysafecash, Rapid Transfer and Klarna as payment methods for Skrill Money Transfers.


What fees do you charge?

No transfer fee when you send money abroad. Domestic transfers are charged with a fee of up to 2%.

A separate fee might also be imposed by your bank.


When will the money arrive to the recipient’s account?

After receiving your funds, we aim to deliver your money instantly where possible, or within 24-72 hours depending on the destination option and funding methods you have chosen as well as the day of the week that you send the money. You will be notified on-screen when selecting your transaction details.


Are there any transfer limits and how can I increase them?

There are some limits that depend on your funding method and transfer destination. You will be notified on-screen once you hit those limits and will be invited to verify your identity in order to have your transaction processed.


What currency does the money arrive in?

We are operating in a variety of local currencies you can choose from the drop-down menu of the They Receive field during the transfer; thus, the money will arrive in the currency selected by you.


Can I use my Skrill balance with Skrill Money Transfer?

No, you can’t use your Skrill balance with Skrill Money Transfer as it needs to be kept separate for security and compliance reasons.


Does the recipient need to have a Skrill account to receive money?

No, a Skrill account is not required to receive money using our Skrill Money Transfer service.


Can I send money to a company or business account?

No, you can only send money to a personal bank account or mobile wallet. 


What happens if my transfer via Skrill Money Transfer fails?

If your card or bank deposit fails, you will receive an automated email with the transaction details.

If your deposit was successful, but for some reason the Skrill Money Transfer fails, your payment will be refunded back to your card or bank account as fast as possible. To see the status of every transfer you make with Skrill Money Transfer check the My transfers section.


Is it secure to send money using Skrill Money Transfer?

Yes, it is secure to send money using Skrill Money Transfer.

Skrill is developed with the same demands on security and performance as the sites used for bank services and share trading. Your account login, personal details and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 128-bit encryption, certified by VeriSign.

When you send a payment using Skrill, the recipient will not receive sensitive financial information such as your credit/debit card or bank account number.


Can I cancel my transfer?

Transfers can’t be cancelled once we have received your payment and sent it to your chosen destination.