How do I deposit via bank transfer?

It's easy to add funds to your Skrill account via bank wire transfer. This deposit option is available for all countries, while our banking network enables you to make local bank transfers without incurring cross border charges. 

To deposit money via bank transfer, follow the steps bellow:

    1. Click on Manual bank transfer in the Deposit section of your Skrill account and then on DEPOSIT NOW.

    2. A page with the bank details that you need to use in order to complete the transfer will appear on the screen. Your reference number (your customer ID) will also be displayed.  


  • You may be presented with the option to choose the currency of the transaction. Based on the currency you choose, different bank details will be displayed.
  • In order to quickly receive the money into your Skrill account, note the reference (your customer ID) in the respective field of the transaction.
  • Only bank transfers coming from a bank account held in your name are accepted.

Local bank transfers take 2 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays).

If the currency of the transaction is different than the currency of your Skrill account, an exchange rate of 3.99% will be added.