How do I use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to fund my Skrill account?

Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash* is a digital currency that allows you to quickly and easily add money to your Skrill account from your Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet.

You can get Bitcoins / Bitcoin Cash by Currency Exchange or trading goods and / or services in return for Bitcoins / Bitcoin Cash.

You need a Bitcoin/ Bitcoin Cash account to make a deposit by Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash. To get started with Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash, visit the Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash  website.

To make a deposit by Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash follow the steps below:

    1. From the DEPOSIT section of your Skrill account click on the DEPOSIT NOW under Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.

    2. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on NEXT.

    3. A summary of your deposit will appear. To complete the payment, click on GO TO BITCOIN & BITCOIN CASH.

    4.You will be redirected to BitPay to Log In or Sign Up in order to view the invoice and complete the transaction



Which wallets can I use to make a deposit?

An updated list with the compatible wallets you can find here.


How long does a Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash deposit take?

This is a quick deposit option. The money will arrive into your Skrill account within 15 minutes after you successfully complete the deposit.


What are the limits and the fees?

You can check your limits within the Deposit section of your account. By clicking on the relevant deposit option, you will be able to see your deposit limits in accordance with your account status and deposit tries.

You can check the deposit fees on our FEES page or within the DEPOSIT section of your account.


  • Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash may charge separate fees.
  • The price of a bitcoin can unpredictably increase or decrease over a short period of time.


The money has left my Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash account but the transaction failed into my Skrill account?

If the money has left your Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash account, but the transaction failed into you Skrill account, please contact BitPay to retrieve the funds.



*The service is currently available in selected countries only. If you don’t’ see Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash in your DEPOSIT section, this means that the deposit option is not available for you.