How Do I Send Money to a Crypto Wallet?

With the Crypto wallet withdrawal you can send money from your available Fiat balance to an external crypto wallet. You can do this in seconds. The only thing you need is a cryptocurrency address.

To make a crypto withdrawal, follow those simple steps:

    1. Click on Crypto Wallet within the Withdraw section of your account.

    2. Select the balance you want to make the withdrawal from, enter the amount and the crypto address.

    3. Check the summary of the transaction and confirm it.

    4. Enter your 6-digits verification code or your PIN.

That’s it! – the cryptocurrency is on its way

Good to note about withdrawals to a crypto wallet:

  • To withdraw to a crypto wallet your Skrill account needs to be verifiedThis is necessary as it helps us to protect your money and information.  
  • Double-check the address as blockchain transactions can’t be reversed.
  • Money deposited with Bank transfer (in case your bank has related restrictions in place), or Mastercard can’t be withdrawn to a crypto wallet. If you send the money to other Skrill customers, they will have the same restrictions on its use.
  • Currently you can send to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) addresses onlyWe are working on adding more withdrawal cryptocurrencies in the future.

How soon will my crypto appear into my crypto wallet?

The transaction happens instantly, and your crypto will appear in1-2 seconds after the withdrawal is confirmed. In very rare cases there might be a delay in the processing of your transaction and it can stay pending for up to 24h.

What are the fees and the limits?

You can check the withdrawal fees on our fees page or within the Withdraw section of your account. We will also inform you about the fee applied on the summary step of your transaction.

A miner fee will be additionally applied. This fee is out of our control.

You can check your limits within the Withdraw section of your account. Once you initiate a transaction, we will inform you onscreen about your limits as per your account status and withdrawal tries.

What if I did not receive the transaction in my crypto wallet?

 If your crypto withdrawal appears as successful in your Skrill account, but the transaction was not received into your crypto wallet:

     - check if there is an error in the provided crypto address as each address is unique.

     - check in your crypto wallet whether the block with the respective transaction has been verified as there might be networking congestion at the moment, which can lead to verification delays.


If nothing of the above works, contact us so that we can help you further.