How Do I Send Crypto to Another Skrill Customer?

You can instantly send cryptocurrency to another Skrill customer from any of your available crypto balances. If the recipient doesn’t have a Skrill account yet, we’ll send them a link to sign up and claim the transfer. 

To send crypto visit the section Send> Skrill to Skrill option. 

1.   Enter recipient`s email address 
2.   Choose from your available crypto-balances and enter the amount. The minimum/maximum send limit is calculated dynamically and indicated onscreen.
3.   Applicable fees, if any, are displayed on the transaction confirmation screen.

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*The video is shown for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.



•    If not previously done, the recipient needs to first accept Crypto Terms of Use and our Risk Statement within the Crypto section of their Skrill account to receive the transfer.

•    You may also send crypto to other users via any of the shortcuts indicated with this send icon within the Crypto section.


Why is my send crypto transaction pending?

If you send crypto to a non-registered email, your transaction will remain Pending for 14 days. If during this timeframe the transaction is not accepted, it will get automatically cancelled. You can also cancel a pending Skrill to Skrill transaction via the Transactions section by clicking on the transaction and choosing Cancel.


Where can I see my transaction history?

You can review your crypto transactions via the Transactions section of your Skrill account or within the Crypto> Portfolio section. 



*The service is currently available in selected countries only. If you see a Crypto section (on the left side in your account account), this means that the service is available for you.