How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?

With the Cryptocurrency* trade feature you can exchange your Fiat or Bitcoin balance against one or more of the available cryptocurrencies and profit from the price fluctuations:

You can make an exchange by creating an instant, conditional or recurring order.

You have also the possibility to set an alert for when a certain price level is reached.

Within the DASHBOARD tab of the CRYPTO section of your account you can consult an overview of the supported cryptocurrencies showing their real-time price and 24 hour price percentage change. This can help you to best choose the currency, the time and the price for your exchange. You can also consult and manage your created alerts, conditional and recurring orders.


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You can initiate an exchange by clicking on the TRADE button next to the cryptocurrency you want to exchange or via the TRADE tab within the CRYPTO section of your account.

Once you have available crypto in your wallet, you can select coins and send them to yours friends.

You can also get a reward via our Crypto Refer-a-Friend Program.


  • Some of the available cryptocurrencies (XTZ, DSH, KNC) can only be exchanged against Bitcoin.
  • All cryptocurrency transactions are visible in the TRANSACTIONS section of your Skrill account. To visualize it, choose the relevant currency from the drop-down menu within the Account filed of the TRANSACTIONS section.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are non-refundable and cannot be reversed to the original amount at the time of the exchange.  


Can I send cryptocurrency to a merchant or a crypto trading platform?

Currently you cannot send cryptocurrency to a merchant or a crypto trading platform.



*The service is currently available in selected countries only. If you see a Crypto section in your Skrill account, this means that the service is available for you.