What is a Recurring Order And How Do I Create One?

The Recurring order option allows you to buy one or more cryptocurrencies* for a predefined amount at regular bases. You can choose a coin and set an amount that will be drawn from your balance on the selected day. This helps you to trade more easily and not worry that you will choose the lowest price when you buy.

This option is also timesaving, if you are interested in crypto, but can't constantly follow the fluctuation of the prices. It allows you to buy crypto on portions and by that get maximum value out of your investment. If, for example, you wish to buy 100 USD in cryptocurrency for the month, instead of proceeding with the exchange worth the relevant cryptocurrency at once, you can split the money into 4 equal portions of 25 USD each. This can help you reduce the average price at which you buy. The strategy of buying at a regular intervals over a period of time is called Dollar Cost Averaging.

To create a Recurring order:

    1. Within the Trade tab of the Crypto section of your Skrill account click on Recurring.

    2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive, enter the spent amount, choose how often this order to recur, the day of the event and click on Create order.

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Good to note:

  • The coins are bought at the current market prices.
  • You can review, deactivate (from the Status button) and/or delete (from the trash icon) your recurring orders at any time via the Portfolio or the Trade tabs.


What are the fees and the limits?

You can check the fees and the limits within the Trade tab of the Crypto section.

For more information about the fees visit our FEES page.  

The currency exchange rates are received directly from our exchange provider Coinbase and are updated every 5 seconds.



*The service is currently available in selected states only. If you see a Crypto section under TRADE (on the left side of your account account), this means that the service is available for you.