There is a pending payment registered on my account. What should I do?

A payment can be pending if:
  • you have only just initiated an instant bank transfer or a credit/debit card payment and the transaction is being processed. If the deposit is accepted, we will credit the funds to your Skrill account within no more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, we will cancel the payment and issue a full refund where funds have been debited from your bank account. In the unlikely event your transaction is rejected, you should consider verifying your Skrill account before making another deposit attempt. For additional information about account verification, click here
  • you have initiated a standard bank wire deposit related to a ‘Send Money’ transaction and we have not yet received the funds. In cases like this, the status will be changed to ‘complete’ as soon as we receive the amount you have deposited and your Send Money transaction will be automatically processed.
  • withdrawal transaction has only just been initiated. The withdrawal will have ‘pending’ status until we process it. Withdrawals are processed in up to 5 business days.