What is a scheduled payment?

A scheduled transaction is a transaction already associated with your account, where either you or the recipient needs to take further action in order to complete it. A scheduled payment might be:

  • Sending money where the recipient is not registered. Status will appear as scheduled until they register or you cancel it. If the recipient has still not registered after 14 days, the payment is automatically cancelled.

  • Bank wire deposits that we have received but where we cannot be 100% certain that they belong to you, as we have little or no information with regard to their origin. Additional verification will be required and, if it cannot be completed, the transaction may be returned to the bank account it originated from. Administrative fees may apply for similar payments.

  • Shortly after a bank wire is instructed it has a 'scheduled' status. This is the time when we group payments prior to sending them to you. This status would usually be visible to you for no more than a couple of hours after you have instructed the transaction.