How do I verify my bank account in order to deposit by Bank Transfer (ACH)?

In order to be able to perform an ACH deposit you should have your bank account verified. In the case your bank account cannot be verified automatically you will have the option to complete the verification manually.

  1. Automatic bank account verification
  • Click on ‘Deposit’ and select ‘Bank Transfer (ACH)’
  • Select the country in which your bank account is registered and click ‘Add bank’. By doing that you accept the ACH Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy/Click ‘Finish Verification’ if a bank account has already been added
  • A pop-up window is displayed showing the logos of the supported for automatic verification banks
  • If your bank is on the list, select it, fill in your online banking credentials and click ‘Submit’
  • Once done your bank account should be verified

You can also search for your bank name in the search bar of the pop-up window. If your bank is not on the list of the supported for automatic verification ones, click ‘Add bank manually’ and fill in the required details.

Note: The automatic verification of your bank account might not be possible if:

  • The name registered in your Skrill account does not match the name on the bank account.
  • Your bank logo cannot be selected from the list or found using the search option.
  1. Manual bank account verification

We will send two micro deposits into your bank account. The micro deposits are two random trial deposits totaling less than $1. Please allow a period of at least 3 days prior to attempting the verification.

Once you receive the two micro deposits, you will need to login to your Skrill account and confirm the exact amounts by selecting the bank account and clicking ‘Finish verification’ under ‘Deposit’ >> ‘Bank Transfer (ACH)’.

Keep in mind that you will have 2 weeks to finish the verification. You can enter the micro deposits amount up to 3 times. If you do not finish the bank account verification within 2 weeks or you exceed the 3 tries for submitting the micro deposits amount, the manual verification will fail, and you will need to contact us to have your bank account verified.

For the purpose, we require a recent bank statement of yours, confirming the bank account registered in your Skrill profile, clearly showing your names, full account number and routing number.

You can scan the document or take a high resolution digital photograph and submit it to