How Do I Set an Alert?

With the Alerts feature, you can receive a notification when the price for a selected cryptocurrency reaches a predefined level. Alerts is a useful tool if you follow the price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies or want to purchase a cryptocurrency for a specific value.

You can set an alert in 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit the Trade> Market data section and click the Alerts bell icon 
  2. Enter the price for which you want to receive an alert. You can set it in fiat and for specific crypto-currencies in Bitcoin.
  3. Click on Create alert.

You can also set an alert via the Trade section> Buy/Sell dashboard. Upon selecting a particular currency, a bell icon will appear underneath the calculator.

  • Once the set amount is reached you will receive an e-mail or a mobile app push notification, depending on your notification settings. 
  • You can review, deactivate, or delete your alerts at any time via the Portfolio or trade tab.
  • Once an Alert executes, it automatically deactivates. A new Alert should be set if necessary. 

How to enable push notifications?

  1. Open the Skrill app.
  2. Navigate to section Profile > Privacy settings > Marketing preferences.
  3.  Enable Push notifications.


*The service is currently available in selected states only. If you see a Crypto section (on the left side in your account account), this means that the service is available for you.