How does the Skrill mobile application work?

Where can I download the official Skrill app from? 

The official Skrill app is available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

Skrill Apple App Store

Skrill Google Play

These are the only official apps available for use with your Skrill account. 


Can I upload my documents using the Skrill mobile app?

Yes, you can upload your documents using the Skrill mobile app.


Can I transact using the Skrill mobile app?

You can deposit funds, Send Money, or withdraw to a bank account.


Can I use 2-step authentication with the Skrill app?

Yes, you can turn on the 2-step authentication from the Skrill member site

Alternatively, you can set a secure PIN


I have lost my mobile device and I have 2-step authentication enabled, what can I do?

When logging in to your mobile device with 2-step authentication enabled, you will need to contact Customer Support over the phone to have the feature removed as personal verification is required.

Afterwards, you can re-enable 2-step authentication on a new device using the Google Authenticator app.


Can I use more than one device with my Skrill account?

Yes, you can use multiple devices with your Skrill account. You may add up to 5 trusted devices with 2-step authentication enabled.