What are Proof of Income/Source of Wealth documents?

Skrill, like all financial services companies, is subject to regulations which are designed to protect our customers and our business. 

We have an obligation to prove that any funds used by our customers have been acquired by legitimate means.

This is why, when you reach certain transaction volumes, we may request you to provide us with evidence that confirms the source(s) of your financial income. 

To provide your document(s), simply reply to the e-mail you received from our Member Verification team within the specified timeframe.


What are the documents that I need to submit? 

You’ll need to submit documents which help us identify and support your source of financial income for the funds you transfer using our digital payment systems, such as: 

    • Savings from salary, inheritance, or gifts – pay slips for the last 3 months, official letter from your employer, certificate of inheritance, tax return certificate etc.
    • Gambling or investment – evidence of winnings or trading profits, investment portfolio (showing dividends) etc.
    • Sale of property or company – bank or credit card statement which covers the transactional activity for the last 3 months, audited financial statement, bill of sale etc.


What are the requirements for these documents?

    • Bank and card statements – your names and bank account number should be visible; card statements should show only the first six and last four digits of your card number due to PCI/DSS requirements; the document should contain visible incoming transactions with identifiable source
    • Pay slips, letters from employer, contracts – should be signed and stamped, and your names should be visible
    • Screenshots supporting your gambling or investment activity – should not be cropped; the website URL should be visible; should show your registered details on the website, your transaction history, bets/trading history and/or profit/loss statement
    • We are unable to accept documents uploaded on cloud-based platforms or download links. Please submit your documents as a *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.png or *.pdf file.


I'm concerned about my privacy / I don’t want to submit such documents. What will happen to my account/money?

Verification is mandatory as Skrill is obligated to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Account restrictions and/or administration fees may be applied if the requested documentation is not provided within the specified timeframes.

The information you provide will be used only to confirm that the source of funds is legitimate and legally obtained. It will be treated with strict confidence, examined only by authorized personnel, and will also be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We appreciate your cooperation in this important regulatory obligation.