What do I need to open an account with Skrill?

Starting to use Skrill is easy. You only need to provide your name, email and password and you can register a Skrill account. No further information will be required from you until you initiate a deposit or receive funds in your Skrill account.


When you initiate of your first deposit, you will be required to provide a minimum personal information that will help us to proceed with your deposit and set up your Skrill wallet features.

The details that you need to provide upon your first deposit attempt are the following:

  •     your country of residence
  •     the currency of your Skrill wallet
  •     your address
  •     your city of residence
  •     your postal code
  •     your date of birth

Once you submit this information, you will have full access to all Skrill wallet features.

Receive money

The option to receive money is available for all Skrill customers.

When you receive funds from another Skrill customer or merchant, an email will be sent to you informing you that a payment has been made. To claim the funds, you will need to log into your Skrill account with the email to which you have received the notification. You will then be required to submit the information as listed above. This will give you access to the sent funds and to the rest of the Skrill wallet features.

Note: Once you submit the details as listed above, the funds will be automatically credited into your Skrill account. You will receive the money in the currency that you have chosen regardless of the currency of the payment. If, for example, another Skrill customer send you funds in USD, but you choose as a currency of your wallet EUR, the received amount will be credited in EUR and a currency conversion fee* of 3,99% will be applied.

In Skrill the security of your wallet is our priority. For that we require additional security measures and verifications.



Once you complete your profile information (as explained above) and in order to protect your Skrill account security, you will be asked to set up the 6-digits verification code or to create a PIN.



Once you make your first successful deposit or receive funds in your Skrill wallet, the option to verify your account will become available for you. Although the account verification option will be presented to you, you do not need to verify your identity until you start actively using your Skrill account. You can use your account to send or receive funds up to a limited amount before you are required to verify your details.


* If your Skrill account is in a currency other than the currency of the transaction, an additional 3.99% Foreign Exchange is added to our wholesale exchange rates.