How do I verify my identity with Skrill via my Facebook profile?

You have the option to quickly verify your identity with Skrill by using your Facebook profile. If you chose to verify your Skrill account via Facebook, you may instantly complete the account ownership and address verification steps of the Skrill account verification process. Further, you will be able to verify your identity by simply uploading a government issued ID.

To verify your identity via your Facebook profile, please follow the steps below:

    1.Within the Verify Your Details section in your Skrill account, click on Verify with Facebook.

    2.Now you will be redirected to your Facebook log in page. You need to log into your Facebook account to continue.

    3.Once you are successfully authenticated to Facebook, you will need to consent to share your information by clicking on the blue Continue button.

    4.The verification via Facebook takes a few seconds. Once the verification is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation message and you will be prompted to continue with the identity verification process. By clicking on Continue, you will have the possibility to complete your Skrill account verification by uploading your ID document.

Note: in order to successfully verify your identity via your Facebook profile the name, date of birth, address and email address on the provided Facebook profile should match the ones registered into your Skrill account.