What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication is a European regulatory requirement which aims at making online payments more secure.

As a result of this requirement, on some occasions (when logging in or completing a transaction) we may ask you for additional authentication either via a 6-digit SMS code sent to your mobile phone or via a 6-digit email verification code sent to your primary e-mail address (used in combination with your Skrill PIN). If you have downloaded, installed and signed into the Skrill mobile app at least once in the past, you may also receive a push notification on your mobile device to authenticate you. 


IMPORTANT : We'll be changing the authentication options we offer later in 2021. To avoid any service interruptions, make sure your registered phone number is verified and up to date.


How to update and/or verify my phone number?

    1. Login to your Skrill account via a web browser
    2. Go to Settings > Personal details > Phone number
    3. You’ll see the options to Add, Verify and/or Edit your mobile number – just follow the on-screen instructions


How to change the primary registered email address?

With Skrill you can have up to 5 registered emails at a time. The email verification procedure is not mandatory, you can use your email address without verifying it. However, to make a secondary email a primary one, you would need to verify it first.


To add an email to your Skrill account:

    1. Login to your Skrill account
    2. Go to Settings > Personal details > Email addresses > Add an email address


To verify your email address:

    1. Login to your NETELLER account
    2. Go to Settings > Personal details > Email addresses
    3. Click the Verify link next to your email address.
    4. An automated email with a 6-digit code is sent to your registered email address. The verification code is valid for 15 minutes. You need to confirm the code to complete the email verification process.


To make a verified secondary email a primary one, click MAKE PRIMARY next to the email address in the Settings > Personal Details section.


*When signing in, you may check the ‘Don't ask me again on this device’ box to make your logins fast an easy. You can manage your trusted devices in the 'Settings' > 'Security' > 'Trusted devices' section of your account.

*When instructing a payment, during its confirmation, you may flag the recipient as ‘trusted’ to make the next payments to them faster.