What is Skrill Digital Wallet and how does it work?

The Skrill Digital Wallet offers you safe, convenient and swift online payments anytime and anywhere. You can: 

1. send and receive money

  • Internationally, directly to bank accounts, mobile wallets and other Skrill accounts 
  • Locally, to friends and family’s bank accounts, mobile wallets or Skrill accounts
  • to and from various merchants (purchase goods and services, etc.)

2. conveniently access your funds with the Skrill card products

3. buy and sell Cryptocurrencies.** 


Our very active customers enjoy various and exclusive benefits such as our VIP and Ambassador program. 


Signing up takes just a few minutes! 



*The availability of our Skrill card products differs depending on your country of residence. 

*The availability to buy and cell Cryptocurrencies differs depending on your country of residence.