How to choose the correct category when submitting a support case?

Choosing the case category and issue that best fits your case.

The first step of opening a support case is choosing your case category and issue properly. This helps us get a clear understanding of your contact reason, and our Customer Service team can address your case faster and more efficiently. 

Before opening a support case, review our dedicated FAQ section for the respective category as you may get instant answers there.
Our support cases fall into 4 main categories. Each category has its own sub-issues that you can choose from, to describe as accurately as possible your case.

Case Category

When to use it


Questions regarding verification and account limits, Account re-activation/account closure requests, account access issues (password/PIN reset), privacy inquiries, requests for updating personal information (name/date of birth correction, e-mail address/phone number change)


All questions related to any of the payment methods listed in the Deposit/Withdrawal account sections(delayed deposit/withdrawals), Skrill Money Transfer inquiries, Merchant checkout payments, any crypto-related questions, Send/receive money transactions and fees.


All questions related to the security restrictions of your account/transaction disputes and unauthorized payments, scam, and phishing reports.

Pre-paid Card

All prepaid card-related questions (Plastic/Virtual): card application/card delivery inquiries, declined transactions, card PIN issues, your card was lost, stolen, or damaged.


Describing your contact reason.

After you select your case category and issue, describe your case in the text box. Include information such as:

•    Where does the problem occur (mobile application/desktop site)
•    What action are you trying to perform for example– Make a card deposit/Pay at a merchant website/Withdrawal your Skrill balance to your bank account/Send money to another Skrill user. You may also specify: The name of the merchant you want to pay/the Email address of the Skrill user you wish to send funds to.
•     Include error messages that you see onscreen or attach screenshots along with anything else that might help us understand your issue better.


Once your case is submitted, our descriptive case lifecycle statuses allow you to easily keep track of the progress of your case by visiting the Contact Us section in your Skrill account.

Based on the case issue you select we may send an automated self-help e-mail containing frequently asked questions and possible solutions. If you find the information useful, you can choose to close the case or confirm you wish to send the case to a Customer Service agent if you need further help.