Can I cancel a 'send money' transaction?

Skrill to Skrill send money transactions are instant and once processed, they are considered final and irreversible.

You can cancel* a send money transaction only if it has not been processed yet. You can check if your send money payment is processed from the TRANSACTIONS section of your Skrill account. If the status is “pending” then the transaction is not processed.

A send money transaction to a unregistered email address will have a pending status for 14 days. If the email address is not registered within 14 days, the transaction will be cancelled automatically, and the funds will be credited back to your balance. 

There are three situations when a send money transaction will remain scheduled allowing you to cancel it: 

  • The submitted email is incorrect
  • The recipient’s email is disabled
  • The recipient does not have a Skrill account

In order to cancel a pending Skrill to Skrill send money transaction, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Under the TRANSACTIONS section of your Skrill account, click on the pending transaction.
  2. A pop-up window with your transaction’s details will appear on the screen. Click on CANCEL TRANSACTION and then on YES, CANCEL TRANSACTION. Once this is done, the transaction will be automatically canceled.

Once the transaction is canceled, the funds will return automatically to your available balance.


*Currently the option to cancel a scheduled send money transaction is not avaialable via our app.