Who can I send money to using Skrill?

Who can I send money to using Skrill?

With Skrill you can send money to family, friends and merchants worldwide. It is simple, instant and safe. All you need is a valid email address.  

When you send money to individual customers, they need an account with Skrill to collect their funds. If the recipient does not have a Skrill account yet, they will receive instructions by email on how to create one – a process that takes less than minute.

How do I send money to another Skrill account?

To send money to another Skrill account, you should follow the steps bellow:

1.    Go to the SEND section of your Skrill account, click on the SKRILL TO SKRILL option. 
2.    Enter the recipient’s email, chose the currency of the transaction, submit the amount you want to transfer and click on Next
3.    Once you click on Next, a page with a summary of your transaction will appear on the screen. To complete the transfer, you must click on Send


The send money transactions are instant. Please double check the recipient’s email address before you confirm the transaction.

On rare occasions, your send money transactions may not be processed automatically. To learn more about it, click here.

How much does it cost to send money?

Sending money to other individual customers incurs a fee of 1.45% of the total amount sent, with a minimum of €0.50 (or the equivalent in your account currency). 

If you want to send money in a currency that is different from that of your account, a conversion fee will be applied. 

For more information, please refer to our dedicated Fees page.

What details does the recipient see when I send them money?

The only details the recipient of any payment will see are your primary email address, registered first and last name, the message you have submitted (if you have submitted a message), the amount of the transaction, along with the Skrill Transaction ID and your Transaction ID. No other personal or financial details will be shown.