How do I transfer funds to a merchant site?

You can easily transfer money to a merchant site. There are two main options allowing you to transfer funds to a merchant site using your Skrill account:

  • Using your Skrill’s account balance
  • Using one of the available funding options of your Skrill account

In order to transfer funds to a merchant site follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Deposit or Buy in section on the merchant site (It may also be referred to as Real Money, Buy Chips, Cashier, or something similar).
  2. Select Skrill payment option. By doing this you will be prompted to log into your Skrill account.
  3. If you have sufficient balance to cover the payment, you can choose to pay from your Skrill’s account balance. If not, you can choose one of the available upload options and complete the payment by providing the requested payment information.
  4. In order to finalize the transaction, click on the PAY NOW button.

Transfers to a merchant site are instant. As soon as your transaction is processed, a screen informing you that you have made a successful payment will appear and you will be redirected to the merchant site.

Note: If there is a currency conversion, a 3.99% foreign exchange (FX) fee will be added to our wholesale exchange rates.


I have transferred money to a website, but they have not received it.

It is very rare, but once in a while a merchant might not be able to locate money you have transferred to them. This may be caused by communication errors.

Please contact us if this happens by clicking on the available contact channel below. We can locate your transaction and provide you with the merchant’s receive money transaction ID. You would then need to contact the merchant website and provide them with this merchant’s receive money transaction ID, which they can use to locate your funds in their system and credit them to you.