How do I deposit via paysafecard?

What is paysafecard? 

Paysafecard is a prepaid card that can be used for online payments. 

There are thousands of places worldwide where you can buy one. You can use a search engine to find the shop nearest to your location. 

In which countries can I top up my Skrill account with paysafecard? 

Please note that service availability varies per country. If you already have a Skrill account, simply login and check by selecting the Deposit section in your account. If you do not have a Skrill account yet, you can visit our dedicated page and select your country of residence to view the available payment options. 

How do I deposit with paysafecard? 

1.    Go to the Deposit section of your Skrill account, click on Other and then paysafecard.
2.    Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click Next
3.    You will be presented with a short transaction summary showing the deposit amount and processing fee. To complete the payment, click on Go to paysafecard.  
4.    Depending on your country of residence you will have the option to pay with a paysafecard voucher or via my paysafecard account. If the option available for your country of residence is my paysafecard account, you must have a paysafecard account to complete the transaction. You can create your free my paysafecard account in just a few minutes. 


•    Your my paysafecard account must be registered in the same country as your Skrill account. So, if you registered for your Skrill account in the United Kingdom, you must also register for my paysafecard in the United Kingdom.
•    You can only top up your Skrill account using one my paysafecard account, not multiple accounts.

How long does a paysafecard deposit take?

Funds deposited by paysafecard are available right away. Please note that you can make one deposit at a time.