How do I verify my credit or debit card with Skrill?

There are two simple ways to verify your card: by confirming the 4-digit verification code available in the description of the payment оr by confirming the exact amount debited from the card.

Option 1:

Whenever you deposit funds with a non-verified card, the system automatically initiates the verification process by assigning a 4-digit verification code to each deposit. Once you locate the payment in your online banking, you may verify the card by clicking on the Verify link in the Cards and Bank Accounts section, and entering the code.

Option 2:

    1. Login to your account and click Cards and Bank Accounts
    2. Click the Verify link next to the card you want to verify
    3. We will then debit a small, random amount from your card
    4. Check your bank or card statement for this amount
    5. When you know how much was debited, log into your Skrill account and confirm this amount

Depending on how quickly your bank or card issuer displays transactions on your account and how you access your statements, this type of verification can take anything from a few seconds to a few days.

Verifying your card will increase the amount you can upload with it, in accordance with the deposit limits, outlined in this article: What are my deposit limits?

We will be adding a card verification to the Skrill mobile app in the near future.

If for some reason you are unable to verify your card, please contact us for further assistance. Please note that a document (e.g. credit card statement) might be requested for the manual verification of your card.