How does paysafecard work with Skrill?

To use paysafecard with Skrill, you need to have a my paysafecard account. my paysafecard lets you to keep all your PINs safely in one place, which makes paying online even easier.

You can create your free my paysafecard account in just a few minutes. Your my paysafecard* account must be registered in the same country as your Skrill account. So, if you registered for your Skrill account in the UK, you must also register for my paysafecard in the UK. Once you have set up a my paysafecard account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the 16 digit PIN from the paysafecard you purchased in your ‘my paysafecard’ account.
  2. Login to your Skrill account and select paysafecard in Upload.