How do I verify my email with Skrill?

With Skrill you can have up to 5 registered emails at a time. The email verification procedure is not mandatory, you can use your email address without verifying it. As soon as funds are sent to an unverified email address, however, you will be prompted to verify it. If you receive money at an unverified email address, the amount will not be added to your available balance until you verify the email.

In order to verify your email address, follow the steps bellow:

  1. In the Settings section of your Skrill account click on PERSONAL INFO.
  2. Click on the Verify link next to your email address.
  3. Once you click on Verify, an automated email is sent to your registered email address containing a verification link. The verification link is valid for 7 days. You need to click on that link in order to complete the email verification process.

Once you verify your email address and in case you have received a payment, the funds will be automatically added to your available balance.