What types of accounts are there?

Skrill offers different types of services depending on your needs, transactions and purpose of use. Different fees apply in each case.

Business – This account will allow you to use Skrill for your business, use your company bank account and send or receive payments on behalf of your company. When registering such an account, you will be asked to provide your business details as well as the personal details of a representative of your company.


Personal – A personal account is one that belongs to a natural person and not a company. If you don’t have a registered business or are not registered as a sole trader, you can use a personal account. This type of account can still be considered a commercial user account depending on its purpose of use.

In case you plan to use Skrill for business but don’t have official registration with your country’s chamber of commerce, we recommend you register a business account. Enter your names and website as company name as follows: Your names t/a your website.


Commercial user – You have a commercial user account if you offer any kind of service or product (s) that generates means of profit or income either directly through its own web site or indirectly through freelance platforms, auction sites, classified ads or other 3rd party sources. No additional activation of merchant features is required. If you use Skrill as a commercial user, you would be subject to our Commercial Receive Money Rate. The Merchant Terms and Conditions will apply to your account if it is a commercial user account.


Customer – A private account belonging to an individual. This account is used when sending payment to relatives or friends or when shopping online. This is also the type of an account you would have when using Skrill for your online gaming or gambling transactions.


Merchant - This account can be used by businesses as well as private individuals doing business as sole traders. With this type of an account we enable you to receive payments from your website customers directly, send payouts or pay your employees, contractors or suppliers in bulk. You can check out our product offer in the Products & Services section and find the ones best suited for your needs. Activation of merchant features is required for some products.


Affiliate – This type of an account is for businesses that refer customers to partnered websites and would like to refer customers to Skrill as well. Please review our Affiliate FAQ for more details.


VIP - VIP accounts are for customers who transact over €6,000 in any rolling period of 3 calendar months. Detailed information is available on our dedicated page.